07 May 2018Tomb Raider Movie Gets Official Home Media Release

Tomb Raider Blu-ray release date is set for June 12, 2018 and available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes on May 29, 2018.

"Lara Croft, the 21-year-old daughter of a wealthy eccentric adventurer and tomb raider, lives a life without purpose. Even though she's the heir of a global empire after her father went missing on an expedition seven years ago, she spends her time shirking her responsibilities. Although her father's final wishes were that she wouldn't try to find out what happened to him should he ever disappear, Lara strikes out on her first expedition in search of the mythical island off the Japanese coast where her father was hoping to find a fabled tomb. Can she follow in his footsteps as tomb raider and find out the truth?"

07 May 2018Tomb Raider Movie HMV Exclusive Steelbook Announced

To pre-order click the external link below.

30 April 2018[VARIETY] Cast, Crew Discuss ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s’ Peruvian Jungles, Storytelling

30 April 2018Shadow of the Tomb Raider Has ‘Many More’ Locations Than Just Mexico

Arne Oehme: We have many varied locations. One location you’ll see is Mexico, but there are many more that you will discover and as usual in our games, we use layers of history. We have multiple historical layers in our content in which Lara will discover hints and puzzle pieces that will assemble through storylines.

Vincent Monnier: You’re going to explore one of the last unexplored areas on Earth. Those are the caves, the underwater caves specifically in South America.

A common environment type throughout Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s locations will be the jungle. According to the developers, jungles will have multiple layers of navigation empowering Lara to carve her own paths.

Arne Oehme: The jungle is an advantage but also a challenge. It needs to be very organic. But it’s a beautiful challenge because it encompasses so much richness in terms of its duality of life and death, its beauty and also its many, many opportunities and the many layers of navigation it has. It’s disorienting, it can be confusing. It was a challenge for us to build a world that feels like a jungle in which you feel lost but are not lost.

Vincent Monnier: We’re very proud of our jungle. At the beginning, it was very challenging when Dan started with this idea. It’s really about feeling completely lost in the jungle but at the same time, being completely in control, being able to see your path and your enemies, actually mastering the jungle and making it your ally.

Arne Oehme: This goes with our philosophy of being one with the jungle. You’ll experience many more options to hide, to escape, to pick your path. Players are going to have a lot more choice on how they approach the content.

Vincent Monnier: Yeah, you’ll see that we have approached combat in a way where you can actually choose your own way of fighting. Using the jungle is key and manipulating your enemies is part of it.

29 April 2018Demo Reviews: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

29 April 2018Legendarily Safe - A Look Back On Legend

29 April 2018Shadow of the Tomb Raider Collector's Edition, Steelbook Edition, and Croft Edition

29 April 2018Totaku Figure Announced Based on Shadow

29 April 2018Check Out These New Shadow of the Tomb Raider Screenshots

29 April 2018Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Interview - Jason Dozois, Narrative Director

29 April 2018Shadow of the Tomb Raider Offers Early Access With Select Editions


29 April 2018Nixxes Software working alongside Nvidia on Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC

Nixxes Software is collaborating with Nvidia on the development of Lara Croft’s latest adventure, Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Nvidia’s collaboration on Shadow of the Tomb Raider continues the partnership which began in the series’ previous title, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Nixxes Software will lead development of the PC version as it did with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and many others.

Working with Nvidia on the game will ensure a “stutter-free performance, higher detail levels, and PC-exclusive graphical enhancements,” according to the announcement.

“This collaboration will bring all the benefits of the GeForce gaming platform including GeForce technologies, GeForce Experience features, Game Ready Drivers and much more to deliver the definitive PC version for the Tomb Raider series,” said Nvidia.

29 April 2018'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' expansions include a co-op mode

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is all about the Mayan apocalypse, but the end of the narrative isn't the end of the world game. Developer/publisher Square Enix today unveiled what'll be included in Lara's latest season pass. Rather than calling them expansions this time out, the nomenclature is "Paths," and there are seven total as spotted by USGamer. Each will have its own challenge tomb, story, skill, outfit and weapons. They'll be doled out on a monthly basis and the first will add co-op play of some sort. Oddly, there isn't any info regarding how much the season pass will cost.

29 April 2018Shadow of The Tomb Raider - The End of The Beginning [Full Trailer]

As Lara Croft races to save the world from a Maya apocalypse, she must become the Tomb Raider she is destined to be. Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available on September 14, 2018. Pre-Order now!

24 April 2018Survivor Reborn will be at the reveal event for SHADOW

We're happy to announce that Survivor Reborn will be attending the press launch for Shadow of the Tomb Raider this Thursday!

We'll be live streaming from the venue so you can meet some of the SR team on the night, and we look forward to sharing our first-hand impressions of the game with you on Friday.

Comment below with questions about the game and we'll answer them for you as soon as we can!

13 April 2018Apple Arcade episode 5 - How well does rise play on Mac OS?

"Apple is ahead of the curve in many fields, but gaming simply isn’t one of them. Take Crystal Dynamics’ beautiful and exciting Rise of the Tomb Raider. Lara Croft’s latest adventure launched on Xbox consoles all the way back in 2015 (and a PC release followed in January of 2016), but it won’t be making its Mac debut until Thursday, April 12. Better late than never, I guess.

If you’re wary of slapping down $60 for it on Steam or $30 on the App Store, you'll want to tune in to Apple Arcade on Thursday at 2 p.m. Pacific. We will be on hand to show you how well Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration performs on a 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro. It’s an absolutely gorgeous game on PC, which unfortunately means it’s probably going to struggle a bit on Apple’s line of desktop machines, even with its support for Apple’s Metal 2 API.

If you’re wondering how Rise of the Tomb Raider’s framerates hold up or whether it’s as fun as you’ve been hearing, we’ll be here playing it and real-time and taking your questions."


For the full article click the external link below.

13 April 2018Official TOMB RAIDER Discord Now Open


13 April 2018Rise Of The Tomb Raider now out on MacOS


13 April 2018Path of the Stars Reward Unlocked



During a panel at PAX East today, Square Enix announced that a collaboration between Final Fantasy XV and Shadow of the Tomb Raider is on the way.

A single image shown at the end of the panel teased the news, but no other information was revealed other than that it’s “coming soon.”



The Tomb Raider Medley from The Tomb Raider Suite will see its premiere performance in the United States tomorrow at the PAX East Computer Games show.

The Medley will be performed by the Video Games Orchestra under the direction of Shota Nakama, and will be broadcast live on Twitch.

The concert will feature music from Final Fantasy and as a very special gesture to the Tomb Raider fans Shota has decided to play the Tomb Raider Medley from the Suite, so do stay tuned by following the link below at 20:30 EST.

22 March 2018Tomb Raider 1-3 PC Remasters Shut Down

Official statement from Crystal Dynamics

While we always welcome passion and excitement for the Tomb Raider franchise, the remasters in question were initiated and advertised without seeking approval. As such, they were never officially sanctioned. Ensuring fans receive high quality gaming experiences is at the heart of our mission as a company, which requires all projects to go through proper channels. We are thrilled about the future of Tomb Raider, and cannot thank fans enough for their continued support and excitement for the brand. 


For those of you not aware, the same company responsible for the android ports of Classic TR1-2, released information on twitter this month revealing they were working on a remaster of 1-3 for Steam. What they failed to leave out is they didn't get Enix's blessing before jumping into this project. The project based on information on twitter was to include the option of HD Textures, better water and shadow effects along with some environmntal effects. All of these extra options would have been able to be switched off as well for purists.

19 March 2018Asia megastar Daniel Wu on his supporting turn in 'Tomb Raider'

Twenty years ago, with a University of Oregon architecture degree under his belt, Bay Area kid Daniel Wu took a serendipitous trip to Hong Kong as his graduation present. He wanted to witness the handover, stay a few months, then go home and figure out what to do with his life.

But a chance scouting in a bar led to a commercial gig, then some modeling. Chinese director Yonfan saw the commercial and approached Wu with an offer he couldn't refuse — although he tried.

"He asked me to play the lead in his movie," said Wu, revisiting the moment his accidental career as one of China's biggest movie stars began. "I was like, 'What are you talking about? I've never acted before and you want me to be the lead in your movie? That's crazy!'"

Born and raised in Northern California to Shanghainese parents, and discovered in Asia, the details of Wu's unlikely origin story are well known to his massive Chinese fan base overseas, where the 43-year-old actor and producer is now a superfamous A-lister who gets swarmed by paparazzi whenever he leaves the house.


Article by LA Times, please click external link for full article.

19 March 2018[Article] STILL Rising: is a better Tomb Raider game lurking in the Shadows?

19 March 2018[Article] Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer Analysis

19 March 2018SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER Announced


The Game Launches on Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC Simultaneously on September 14

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 15, 2018) Square Enix® today announced Shadow of the Tomb Raider™ will be available in six months for the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC/Steam®. All platforms will launch simultaneously on September 14, 2018.


19 March 2018Tomb Raider Official Soundtrack Now On Sale

19 March 2018[Variety] Tomb Raider’ Tops International Box Office With $84.5 Million

Alicia Vikander’s “Tomb Raider” ruled the international box office with $84.5 million at 32,685 screens in 65 markets, led by a solid $41.1 million opening in China.

Warner Bros. reported that “Tomb Raider” took in nearly 50% of the box office among the top five films in China, where the action-adventure played on 15,500 screens, and notched the studio’s seventh-highest opening weekend in that market. The figure was on par with the openings for “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and “Wonder Woman.”


For more refer to the external link below.


Lara Croft's epic tomb raiding adventures bring her to the world of Lapis! Let's welcome the illustrious and iconic heroine from the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider series!

Grab this limited chance to obtain Lara Croft as a unit! Log in daily to receive wonderful rewards like lapis and 10+1 summon ticket!

27 February 2018First Two Tomb Raider Films Now In 4k

Fans of the first two films have a reason to rejoice, as of writing this article you can now go out and buy the first two films in full 4k. Here are the brand new artwork for the films.

20 February 2018K.Flay Debuts New Song for 'Tomb Raider' Movie

"I wrote "Run for Your Life" in a hotel room in Johnson City, Tennessee, a few hours before my show that night. I think the frantic energy of touring found its way into the track," says the singer-songwriter, who is behind the popular rock track "Blood in the Cut" and last year released her debut studio album, Every Where Is Some Where.

Oscar winner Alicia Vikander stars in the reboot, which tells the origin story of Lara Croft, following an inexperienced Lara as she searches for the truth behind her father's disappearance years earlier.

"This track was a new challenge for me — writing a song from a perspective outside my own, trying to capture the spirit and energy of a film I hadn’t seen in full yet. (PS I’ve of course seen it now and it’s awesome)," says K.Flay.

Tomb Raider hits theaters March 16. Listen to "Run for Your Life" from K.FLay, 


20 February 2018Official Tomb Raider Movie Inspired Barbie Announced

Mattel has announced a Barbie inspired by 2013's reboot of the Iconic tomb raider series. Along with the doll you also get a map, a journal and a tiny pickaxe, to pre-order click the external link below.

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