22 October 2017
Tomb Raider’s Creative Director Leaves Crystal Dynamics

The Tomb Raider franchise has come a long way over the past few years, thanks to the awesome 2013 reboot, as well as the 2015 adventure Rise of the Tomb Raider that followed shortly thereafter. Now, while we’re questioning the future of the franchise, Crystal Dynamic has lost one of its key team members.

Ian Milham, who served on Crystal Dynamics as the creative director for the series, has departed to go work on a new adventure, according to his Twitter page.

“Hi friends!” he noted. “An announcement: last week was my last at Crystal Dynamics, I’ve joined old friends at @OutpostGamesInc! I’m now Creative Director on @playsosgame! I’m in love with the potential and freshness of it.”

He also added, “Don’t infer anything about CD or Tomb Raider based on this. They’ve been awesome and people should be very excited by what’s coming. This was a chance to team up with old friends again on something exciting (and cut my commute from an hour to 10 minutes).”

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